Our Mission

The mission of the Flatwoods Community Volunteer Fire Department is to, as much as humanly possible with the help of God, minimize the loss of life and property when tragedy strikes Flatwoods or our surrounding community.

We endeavor to respond quickly in a safe and professional manner to all emergencies whenever and wherever we are called upon to do so.

We endeavor to promote fire prevention, smoke detectors and other early warning devices, and home safety and preparedness in our community by sponsoring community education and school programs.

We endeavor to operate a financially sound community fire department with the latest fire fighting equipment at a minimal cost to our community.

We endeavor to recruit and train a group of dedicated, properly trained volunteer professionals who are ready and able to fight fire, deal with automobile accidents, and various other emergency situations.

We endeavor to promote safety and provide for the safety of our fire fighting professionals.

We also endeavor to operate a fire department that our community can be proud of; a fire department that will foster and promote community pride; a fire department that will result in lower insurance rates for the homeowners in our service area; a fire department that will help those in need after an unfortunate tragedy, not just put out the fire and walk away; and a fire department that will cooperate with all the other fire departments in our area to the best of our ability.

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